Token drops completely broken...

Yesterday I ran Shogunate Fortress in challange mode six times and no token drops. Only completely garbage runes. Today I've runned Creon's Home eight times and still no tokens. This is so frustrating I'm thinking of quiting the game for good.

Whats the point with rune drops if they're only used to be salvaged. And what about the drop rate for tokens? It's such a joke it's not even funny. Are we supposed to be revarded for completing a dungeon or are we supposed to be mocked?


  • Rune chests are the new wooden chests -- at least for higher level players in Normal and Challenge mode. Most higher level players are now farming greater runes in Boss Mode, or they are farming Epic materials in Normal, Challenge and Boss modes. So, any runes chests that appear in Normal or Challenge are pretty much worthless since you get a rune that will likely be salvaged for materials that you won't use anyway, since again, higher level players are crafting Greater runes (I guess there is a small chance to get greater binder, but probably doesn't happen often).

    At least under the old system, if you manually ran challenge mode, you'd get a guaranteed silver chest or above. They took that away when runes came on the scene. I suppose for low to mid level players and for higher level players who are still gearing up their heroes with Improved runes from Challenge mode, it isn't super terrible (other than the low rate of rare runes dropping from rune chests). But once you graduate to farming greater runes, those normal and challenge mode rune chests might as well be wooden. :)
  • It's disappointing. I would prefer that the first manual run of a challenge dungeon yield it's token, and that further manual runs yielded more rune materials than quicklooting.
  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
    edited September 2016
    Totally agree. If I run it manually, give me the tokens. There is a reason I'm not quicklooting the level (and it's not to get more hammers).

    I also think it's silly that rune materials don't drop with Rune chests. There should be the possibility of having material in every chest -- more in silver, gold, and purple, but there's no reason why they should be excluded from Rune chests.
  • G4BIBIG4BIBI Member
    edited September 2016
    I agree with you NateDoge and FatCat. At least then it might not feel super dissapointing.

    Just to update. I was up to running Creon's Home 12 times, still 0 tokens, then I gave up. 84 stamina and ~ 45 minutes totally wasted.
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