Do you avoid astrid on defense at lower levels?

When you are between levels 20-45 do you avoid astrid when you see it on defense? Is it one of those heroes you avoid when it's fully ascended or starred?
Trying to make a good 4 hero bait team and just looking for some advice.


  • Level 40 here, and with Indigo and Therand on my team I don't shy away from Astrid.
  • Same, I silence her if she is first and then Therand does his stuff.
  • I use my level 18 alt in PvP, and Astrid is no threat at all to me at that level. Torchy + Bovus works easily, then I just follow up with bramble's goblin dance party and chaos storm from my Pontifex, who is 5 starred, so tends to wipe her out with ease with her being a tank.
  • Would it be a different story if she's runed up? Like full defense runes all improved epics.
  • Would it be a different story if she's runed up? Like full defense runes all improved epics.
    No. Torchy will silence her, Bovus slows down every defender (all attackers can act first) and Pontifex' Chaos Storm will nuke spirit damage. Your defenders would need a lot of spirit resistance, more than runes can provide. DEF will not help because it's not a melee attack.

    If you want to keep Torchy away then use Black Diamond or Indigo in first fast defender slot. But I wouldn't call that a bait team. It's more a scare them away team :wink:
  • Would it be a different story if she's runed up? Like full defense runes all improved epics.

    You're not going to have high level runes or epics for a level 20-45 Astrid.
  • I have 3 defensive legendary and or epic improved runes on my astrid with 1850 defense 4 star at level 39.
  • These are improved runes, the second lowest of the four quality tiers. These are nice runes, but I think we had two different things in mind for "high level" runes.

    And epics refer to the special weapons that some heroes have (only available after level 60). Not trying to be pedantic -- I'm not squared away on all these changes to the game.
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    Astrid is arguably the best melee tank in game. Key word "melee". She is vulnerable to ranged attacks, especially ranged water attacks: Indigo, Therand, Icebloom, Icepick, and Selwyn can one shot her with their ranged specials. Lady Nim's Flaming Arrow also rocks Astrid's world. Don't avoid Astrid when you see her, bring the team that crushes her.
  • I think the main thing I worry about with Astrid is her insane defensive buff of casters/healers. As such, a "guaranteed kill" attack winds up doing 1/2 damage instead. And if your AoE fails to kill them and NubNub goes off then its kind of over.
    Heck, even if they manage to kill your ranged dudes, her invulnerability can possibly ensure a no-win situation.
  • Agree with Warrax .. need to be careful when you see Astrid paired with casters/healers. If you're not expecting it, a runed up Zen/Icepick/Ponti/Astrid (for example) team can be mean.

    Everything can be countered, but when you forget their secondary effects it can get dicey.
    Maybe a few more pennies
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