Chapter 14 pillaged village

Any tips? I have three stared the entire chapter except this one. The boss is sooooo tanky. I even used a friend with the reaper to cut his maximum hp but still wasn't able to three star. What have you done that has worked?


  • I have absolutely no idea on how to three star this level. I have tried nearly every combination I can but I can't do enough damage without being murdered myself. I think that the boss needs to be nerfed some.
    There is no need to make more heroes when the ones you have are already awesome.
  • What level are you, Srkad? I can't remember what I used to 3* this, but I'd probably go with Kai, Therand, PM, and Augustus.
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    Normal mode? From just looking at the level I'd take Goblins minus Zurk and replace with Nim.

    Friend-wise, I'd find someone with Yorick and Mark for Death him if he's really that tanky.
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    This team works. Use a good taunter, a debuffer(I was able to double up on that with Furnace and Viperia), a heavy damage dealer(for you I recommend Lady Nim), and a healer to prolong the team. If you can use the team in th photo it should carry you through most of campaign. It only failed me in Sulfiurius' dungeon.
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    I would have no idea, as any combo of heroes for me sweeps it instantly. I sorta wish I was new(er) again so I could remember teams for normal mode and help out.
  • @MomIsThatYou , so you used lvl 50 team for Normal Mode or Challenge mode?
  • AAZ7 wrote: »
    @MomIsThatYou , so you used lvl 50 team for Normal Mode or Challenge mode?
    I used it for normal. I'm no where near chapter 14 in challenge mode.

  • AAZ7AAZ7 Member
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    @MomIsThatYou, ok. But actually, this level in Normal Mode is about level 36. So it is possible to do it with any level 50 team, I think =)

    And, to be honest, I am looking for some solution for that level in Challenge Mode. All Chapter 3*, but not this level =(
  • @AAZ7 I imagine that it would work for Challenge mode as well and even at level 59 the boss is still SUPER tanky. Follow the guidelines posted above and that got me through most of my campaign and challenge mode dungeons with one friend hero.
  • @MomIsThatYou, thank you!
    Now I need to find Furnace and Viperia somewhere =)))
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