strong vs pontifex

what are some of the stronger characters when dealing with pontifex? i was thinking sifu, is his triple kick strong vs pontifex? any other characters that do really strong dmg to him? i know about kira as well but was more looking for single attack damage rather than aoe


  • Zurk is good for the 2x vs casters. Most casters also excel at killing him in skele form.
  • My list would be:

    Cobressa - 1 shot/turn to stone if you get the jump on him.
    Nimriel - high damage, no armor to stop it and daze even if it fails to kill.
    Torchy - Fast Silence plus high damage. Good potential for outright kill with hellbat.
    Bovus - Slow em, if you get a jump on him so other AoE casters can pound before he goes.
    Zurk - as mentioned. High chance of kill, daze if no kill.
    Freezers (igorok,etc) - if you get the jump on him, high chance of disabling him.
    KAI - Reduce his AOE damage by 70% potentially. Good vs multiple aoe attackers.
    Indigo - so-so but has high Silence chance.
    Yoko - very high daze percentage at higher levels plus group defense greatly reduces damage taken.
    Shadowblade - good chance of kill, high disease chance for 1/2 dmg if fail.
    Ella - let him kill the rest of his team then dazed.
    Black Diamond - fast, huge attack, vs dark bonus gives good chance of kill.
  • Magnified Light -> Blade Storm (Crit) -> Death Blossom (finishes the skeleton form) =)))
  • Definitely Zurk/MK
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