level 28 how to get the 300 gems

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first time in towerof pwnage and beating floor 9
how should i win all the floors?this is no posibble


  • Patience. There is still much to learn, Padawan.
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    Patience. There is still much to learn, Padawan.
    any tips?
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    Keep building and flushing out your roster :) The tower will become a cakewalk in due time.
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  • Slow level.

    Oh wait .. that's right .. forget that.

    Spend much $$ to FA and star all your toons. Easy.
    Maybe a few more pennies
  • Don't try to beat every floor with one team. Sometimes, it's smarter to send in a sacrificial lamb or two to eat up some specials.
    Fast heroes dominate in tower since there is no 40% hp buff.
  • Craft a core team, consisting of a healer, tank and some damage dealers/support, your main worry at this level is keeping them alive, so use heroes like chief nubnub, augustus emily etc.

    Look at floor:

    Heroes that do high damage? Throw in an underleveled hero/tank/unused hero to tank the attacks as a sacrifice, then go in with core team and finish them off. Repeat for each floor.

    Floor 12:

    Get 4 casters, press auto run and go make yourself a hard earned cup of coffee.
  • It is really hard at the start cause you will only have like 30 heroes but if you get new ones to sacrifice it will become easier very quickly.
  • tkhjh147 wrote: »
    first time in towerof pwnage and beating floor 9
    how should i win all the floors?this is no posibble

    You should get an FA Astrid, FA Astrid is one of the best Hero in this game. Her passive skill can buff healer and caster allies DEF 50%, almost make your team unbeatable.

    If you slow level and have FA Astrid, I think you can finish the Tower very easy in 30 min.
  • Go to gamefaqs and check the guide there. Outdated but has some good newbie tower tips.

    Most important skill starting out is to figure out which sacrificial dude to send in who can absorb the most specials from the enemy and/or inflict the most damage.
    For example, Nitpick is a free floor clear AS LONG as you know he wont get disabled (frozen,daze,etc) or killed before he gets to go. If they have a taunter or healer or whatever that goes first, or just someone with a weaker AOE or a green dude, then you can bend them over.

    When I started, I actually converted all my honor and gems to gold and massively spammed the portal to buff up my beginner heroes to 4-5 star and get lots of sacrifical dudes.
    Nowdays that doesnt work so hot since many champs got moved to the Heroic portal, and people like bovus got nerfed.

    But nowdays you have RUNES which make the tower way easier than before. Try to focus on FAST heroes as your main attack force. Willow,Shadowblade,Torchy can all be buffed via tokens from dungeons early on and cheapish ascensions. Many times they can wipe out most or all of the enemy before they can even go.

    In floors with fast enemies, you'd just send in sacrifical lambs or use Slow heroes with retaliation or other tougher dudes.
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