Are PvP trophies off right now?

I am not sure if it's due the current event, but PvP trophies appear to be off to me. Typically when you cross the 1000 trophy mark, you tend to get increased trophy match-ups, like minimally 30+. I am at 1600 trophies and am routinely getting match-ups of 9-15 unless I keep refreshing.

Normally I wouldn't care, but this is making it BRUTAL to do the Brom skin quest.

Thoughts? Experiences?


  • You're not alone - I've noticed a significant reduction in the trophies offered as well.
  • yesterday i had to refresh a lot, like.. a lot. today it's going o.k.
  • @ joel/@joveth: I'm at 1700 trophies now and my options are +4, +9, and +10. Have there been some changes or what is going on?

  • You are so lucky. I have +4, +4, and +8. And I'm up to 57K in gold to refresh, so I'm just going to wait it out.

    Have another 79 trophies to complete the quest and I am a patient man.
  • The current meta is what is doing it. You've probably noticed that most choices right now to raid are 3 man bait teams with fairly powerful runes to make them as viable as a 4 man. In reality, the system just treats them all the same, and throttles the entire bracket down. Because you only get these low choices to raid you get suggested similar ones, so unless you've been raiding for hours you're very unlikely to see a lot of 60+ raid options.


    Runed bait teams are ruining the system, it's our fault.
  • It's not really OUR fault.

    The massive penalties for losses with four man teams are exactly what have driven people to use bait teams. Because of how wins/losses and team strength are calculated, Big Fish has effectively directed us to use bait teams. Because if we don't, we're putting ourselves in a weaker strategic position.

    So fix the trophy system. Make the penalties / rewards asymmetric. Change the calculation for team power to use average hero power (and low-leveled heroes included in the defense lineup can be systematically ignored as efforts to game the system). Or force everyone to use four man.

    Some combination of the above. Just fix it so that people have incentives to put up hard teams, because the current system certainly doesn't encourage it.
  • Exactly, what FatCat69 said. Please stop punishing active pvp players and those who run 4 man.

  • Exactly, what FatCat69 said. Please stop punishing active pvp players and those who run 4 man.

    Some people like to be punished.
  • Everytime I put up a 4 man defense, some crazy powerful runed team that's 3k higher than my defense crushes me.. and I lose 20-30 crowns.

    Why the hell should I put up 4 heroes only to be punished for doing so.

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