Kozar rune setup?

Does his passive convert actually all health buffs including runes to attack? Or is there a cap, do runes not work towards the attack buffs and all?


  • It doesn't look like there's an ATK boost from health runes. Can anyone confirm for sure?
  • runes add to stats
    unless hes on a team with nubnub then
    the bigger they are passive
    wont trigger
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • I tested that too and it didn't make a dkfference in the stats... Maybe it is affected only by buffs/dwarven EMT, but the description says "any" buffs to the health...

    Unfortunately the devs never responded, not even on his spotlight
  • if you have good vampiric runes then use them, he tends to run out of health quicker than his goblin cohorts, other that that I'd say health, crit and damage.
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