Best way to farm runes

weitauweitau Member
Question for the experienced gamers: to farm runes, to you use quick loot, or run dungeons on Auto-attack?


  • Never mind. In the Rogues Gallery event, I found that I was getting more chests than runes.
  • They purposely make farming runes pretty pointless except for giving your garbage players garbage runes
  • Thanks... most of the runes I get are garbage. Rarely, I get a middle-of-the-dungeon Greater rune (but it's usually garbage resistance rune).
    Quick looting is faster, but you miss out on the opportunity to get the latter bonus.
  • The best way to get good runes is salvage the garbage ones and make your own. Boss mode drops greater runes that you can get shards and binders from. You can use the rares from boss mode on your less used heroes for the moment too. :)
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