Trapped, help!

So, I fell for the first timer trap. I leveled as fast as I could to 40, now I just hit 41 and im broke, so now I can't level up my heroes abilities. I have some great heros that I don't want to loose by starting over. I have also spent some money on purchases in game, so don't want to waste those investments either. Any advice? Is it hopeless or can I dig out of this hole?


  • You have to start slow/smart leveling. When you get a quest to kill a certain number of enemies, go into a dungeon and kill as many as you can always leaving at least 1 enemy left alive and then retreat. If you you get a Lupina token or a celestial while doing this go ahead and finish the dungeon. I would suggest buying the 500k gold and the xp potions from the honor shop every day. Also the xp potions from the regular shop twice a day. Do the tower or as much of it as you can every day, a lot of good rewards there for very little xp.
  • I never "smart levelled." My trick was to focus on a core of 8 heroes that I used for PvP and PvE. As resources accumulated and I hit enough saved gold for the next level, I slowly expanded my roster. So my tip is to cut back on your active roster, you'll have plenty of time to expand it, especially between levels 61-70.
  • What 8 would you suggest? If you feel like it, I understand if you don't want to take time, my in game name is Hammer mine if you want to have a peak. Thank you both for taking time to answer my question.
  • 8 is an arbitrary number. Just pick a handful of your favorite heroes and stick with it. The point is, you are spread too thin trying to keep your entire roster at max level. Pick some heroes that you can farm daily and get all their tokens first everyday. At level 40, you should have your A team at minimum 4 stars each.
  • I'm sorry but I disagree with the others! I was just like you. I might have realized I was in trouble a little earlier but once I caught back up by slow/smart leveling I was able to keep my whole roster at max level all the way to level 60 which I just reached today! I have every hero and my total roster power is just under 197,000. Keeping your whole roster maxed makes the whole game so much easier.
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    I think both methods presented here are good. You just need to figure out what works best for you.

    I've levelled really fast too. Around level 48, I started slowing down. I wasn't in a terrible situation but I definitely had trouble keeping up and I was worried it would only get worse. I'm now at level 55 and I'm mostly content with my roster. It's not outstanding but it's pretty decent. I have no major issue getting 210 crowns weekly, 100k+ tickets during GG, making top 10 during most pvp tourneys and all that good stuff. There is room for improvement of course but I'm working on that!

    I'm far from being a hardcore slow leveller but unless there's a special event going on, I usually try to keep my XP intake to a "minimum" (well, a minimum based on my standards :) ). I'm doing the same thing with my alt account. It has helped me greatly in both cases.

    However, I can totally see how focusing on a handful of heroes would work just as well or even better for some people. Like I said... It simply depends on what solution is more appealing to you.
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