PLEASE Implement this for Tower of Pwnage - #1 complaint

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I cannot tell you how many times I've had to step off of the tower for a few hours to come back and not remember where any of my numerous heroes left off on what they had available or what the current floor I'm on has available on the enemy side. It would be hugely helpful to be able to know exactly what the status of my heroes & the tower is when you come back to it.

Anyone else run into this or is it just me?

edit: Sorry, too many "Pleases" and it might only be my #1 complaint.


  • Totally agree, very annoying, especially when you are scraping through the tower as it is
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  • These days, not so much, but I would have killed for this back in the days when I really needed to plan each level.

    Painful to be unable to remember what the energy levels on each of my heroes was left at (and often, it's hard to tell just how much damage has been done to them with the Blessing symbol covering the right edge of the health meter.

    Just make a tap and hold bring up a display showing health and energy level summary.
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  • Just a dialogue that shows up on a black background when you tap and hold on a hero, like you do at the end of a PvP raid to see the damage & healing each individual hero did, but for tower heroes and their energy.
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  • YES!!! I want that! =)
  • I dont need this, but it would definitely be nice to have. Especially for newer players who are struggling to power through the tower and need to plan out every level.
  • i agree, back when i was struggling with tower this would have been very helpful.
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  • I don't need this but it would be nice to click an hold on a hero to know their skill stats. I still often forget and then have to leave the tower, look up heroes and then back to tower.
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    I wanna see the energy of my heroes and the enemy's too.
  • They should do the opposite and hide our health bars too. Force us to manually remember how many hits each hero took up to that point. Does Masuta need a heal yet? How many more hits can Furnace take? Should I use team leech now?
  • @echonap I wouldn't do this as standard but it'd be interesting for a part of a hardcore setting.
  • It does crack me up that there's a graphic that actually obscures the health bar on a character's face plate. I think I can live without knowing if my hero has their blessing already - I'm not sure I've ever actually decided to deploy a hero because they were blessed. Now, knowing whether a hero is missing a big chunk of health heading into a battle...? That's of at least passing interest.
  • Totally freaking agree. I hate that blessing symbol obscuring the life meter.
  • I signed into the forums here and created an account explicitly to ask for this. It's very annoying to start a floor planning to use a specific hero ability only to realize it's not charged up. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.
  • But, at some point, you realize that you don't need that.
    Because you have at least one team that can run the whole tower without thinking about energy levels =)
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