Tower of Pwnage Glitches

Hello everyone ! I just ran the Tower of Pwnage at around 1:00 am PST. Completed all 12 fllors as usual, got my 275 gems and got my stamina, and quick loot keys in the pwn shop. Exited out, and low and behold, yet again there is "checking out the tower - completed floor 3", but the 25 gems reward is not available !!! GLITCH !!! This happens to me over-and over-and over the past 2 - 3 months, and I'm tired of it ! Also when completing the Tower, and going to get my usual 2 x 25 stamina pack, etc., way too often the stamina pack area is greyed out, and it just says "EXPIRED" WTF ?!?! Please fix this ! And please compensate me for pointing this out, as I'm sure I speak on behalf of hundreds ! And please, compensate me as you see fit !!! Thank You !

- GeneralGuzzi2


  • @GuzziMaster did you view the quest before finishing the tower? If not, it won't count. It's a "feature."
  • Also, restart the app when you see that your stamina is "Expired." Both of Hess have been reported already.
  • Seriously ?! I've never ever clicked on 3rd floor before ... usually get it ! But lately not always :(
  • digmdigm Member
    Just some things I've noticed.

    If you kill enemy shade the other team will still start with shroud if you get killed and come back even if shade is dead

    If shade posses your dead hero that hero will come back alive next round

    If ponti goes to skele and you finish the floor he can't come back as normal on a later floor

    If enemy ponti dies from fire dmg at the end of the round he doesn't go skele just instantly dies

    5/11 floors have mk making my undead not as easy. Not a glitch just felt like complaining. Overall I'm sure people have noticed these things and twr is still pretty easy none the less but just thought I'd add these to the list
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