Drop rate for infinity evo bugged or am I just that unlucky?

1600 stamina not 1 infinity evo!!! Cmon really?


  • The name of it hints towards how much stamina you're going to need to spend.
  • Clearly
  • These are just a boring grind to hunt. I have more luck the the less rare celestials like minds eyes and runed ones so I hunt those and wait for the 5x better drop rate event. To get the rare ones like infinitys, I buy them from the pwn shop. keeps my sanity.
  • Never purposely farm evos unless there is an evo event. The chances are so small that it is pointless. You should just buy them from pwnage shop.
  • They are about a 1 to 2% drop rate, so you can figure on having to spend 250 to 500 stamina for a decent chance at a drop. 1600 stamina is a bit more than I'd expect, so either the drop rate is bugged or you got really unlucky.
  • this is why i craft all my celestials its worth it more to me because i can buy the normal evos from tower.
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