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So I'll put my head above the parapet and say I'm generally a fan of the new PvP leagues. I think the pvp experience has vastly improved.

However, one niggle. I've got myself into champion at level 57. This means I'm open to matching against anyone up to the top of Legend I, and frequently find all my available opponents at least 10 levels higher.

Given I have no control of this, I think the odds are a bit stacked against the lower level players in this setting. I have to compete against higher stat lines and players with access to epics and greater/superior runes. Fine, such are the perks of higher rank. But what galls somewhat is the excessive resistance to debuffs that the rank disparity brings.

The fact that my oppos resist my efforts to slow, freeze, burn, shock etc removes my ability to try to offset my numerical disadvantage. I can't outthink an opponents defence and will struggle to outmuscle it.

Given that the current setup is increasingly promoting these vast level mismatches, could the developers consider letting lower ranked players having access to the toolbox that we've developed?


  • They should make it so that if you're level 57 and you're fighting someone level 67, maybe they could scale their hero level closer to yours to make it more of a fair fight. Because without being higher level, you'll most likely not make it to legend. It may not work though because slow levelers will be able to crush opponents if their level is scaled closer to theirs... but it's a thought.
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  • No, then there is no incentive to level up. Folks will take advantage of this. Every battle should be based on your current power vs the opponents current power.

    What they need to do is penalize higher levels for attacking down too far. I have said this before. Reduce the rewards so they are almost Zero in gold, scrolls and trophies when attacking someone 10 levels or more below you. It should be a sliding scale, the greater level difference then larger the penalty.

    I am not even in a league that is a free for all and am now regularly getting crushed by players 10-13 levels over me. Why? because there is no incentive not to. They get the same reward and pay out for attacking me vs someone there own level.

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    You're the first one I've heard bring up this issue.
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  • http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/comment/167954/#Comment_167954
    they need to provide incentives to attack your own level.
    for example - a loot and trophy penalty for attacking down, status quo for attacking your level.

    for example if you attack someone 10 levels lower than you, you only gain 10% of the potential trophies and loot. It could look like this:

    1-2 levels lower acquire 100% of the trophies and loot.
    3 -4 levels lower get 80%
    4 -5 - 60%
    7-8 - 80%
    9-10 - 90%
    grater than 10 levels you only gain 4 trophies and 5% of the potential reward.

    this will allow for the wide open league structure at the top half but provides plenty of incentive to not attack too low.

    To make this work they need to provide more options of people to attack and maybe cheaper refreshes?

    Just a thought.
  • farfella wrote: »
    You're the first one I've heard bring up this issue.

    Doesn't mean I'm wrong.

    There's a lot of complaints on the forum without specific suggestions for improvement. This would be a relatively straightforward change that would improve the experience of I'm sure many of us who are continually up against big level mismatches. It would get rid of the hopeless feeling one gets when confronted with three opponents 13 levels higher, and make the raids playable without eliminating the rank advantage/incentive to level. And it wouldn't mean completely decimating the new pvp system.

  • farfella wrote: »
    You're the first one I've heard bring up this issue.

    Sorry, to clarify if that sounded a little aggressive, I'm far from the first to raise the issue of being continually matched up against higher level opponents. Yes, I agree I'm the first to publicly suggest this solution on the forum.
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    If also like to see matches limited to people in the same bracket or at least in the same league. There is just no point in matching people from champion 3 with someone in legend 1
  • I suspect there are not enough players in legend 1 to make that work well. They need a wider pool of player to draw from for match making.
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    We know there are more than 100...I've got several guild mates who are legends1 and not in the top 100
  • I'm in legend 1 and I rarely, if ever, see anyone below level 70 anymore. There are definitely no cupcakes since the patch last weekend. Are you sure you are getting attacked by legend 1s? Could be that they are level 70 but not strong enough to compete in legend leagues and got bumped all the way down to where you are.
  • I'm in champ 2 and haven't been hit by someone outside of champ since last weekend.
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    I dunno...I'm in champ 1 and seeing teams with power of 27k to 31k reasonably often. Seems like that should be strong enough not to be in champ league
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