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There may or may not already be a topic for this, but...

What other games are folks into?

For single player, I'm a big fan of Supergiant games' Bastion and Transistor.

For multiplayer, Clicker Heroes, Overwatch, and Destiny (need a 385+ light Warlock on Xbox One? You've come to the right person =] ).


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    i play garden warefare (im huge fan of POPCAPS PVZ plants vs zombies) overwatch, (im awesome with Zenyatta, Bastion and D'Va) i also play a wide range of mobile games such as some from MIHOYO and CUM2US. i have an XbonOne and a PS4 (i couldnt choose) but i use the Xbox more often then not.

    i play Garden Warefare on the PC along with Elsword and occasionally i play ROblox with my younger sister.
    i recently started playing League of Legends but that was 2 weeks ago i played about 5 champions that i liked because of their abilites and being long ranged.

    im not sure if your into anime and side scrollers. but if you are then Elsword is definately for you. dont pay attention to the pictures on their webpage just download the game make an accoutn and choose a hero.
    if your a fast paced and long ranged, rose is for you
    if your a tank and high damage dealer then Chung is reccomended.
    if your all about up close and personal then Elisis and her brother Elsword are right for the picking.
    if your a long range support, then EVE is correct path .
    if your liek me and all about spam and damage multipliers then Ara Haan and Aisha are both great.
    if your an all around type then Raven (DISCLAIMER. raven is male not female) LuCiel and ADD are there for you.
    a new hero AIEN is joining soon im not sure on what his stats are but ill know soon in the coming week.
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • Overwatch.
  • I like Roblox
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    When I run out of stamina, gems, trophies, etc...I go play Heroes Tactics, and by the time I exhaust their stamina I come back to DB, although as of late I have been playing myself on console or PC some Final Fantasy 15, Skyrim, World of Tanks, and Tera: Fates of Arun. I still play DB during loading screens for other platform games lol and also at work. :-)
  • Battlerite!
  • There are other games?
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