So you guys have had over a month now to make corrections and fixes to the new PvP system, plus however long you worked on it before its release, and it is STILL totally screwed up!! I suggest you hire someone who doesn't have their head up their **** and actually knows what they are doing! I realize that person will be alone but maybe then we can begin to make progress. You started me off in Gladiator 3 this preseason. I have no problem with that but I m now in Glad 2 and I am getting nothing but powerful level 70's as raid options. I am a powerful level 63. I would expect this in higher leagues and tiers, but not in Glad 2. Since you have proven that you are all too stupid and incompetent to make this new PvP system work right, please go back to the old system until you can hire somebody who is actually good at your job. Thank you.
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