A good solid team to invest in to run the tower at level 50?

I am level 50, about to hit 51, and I am soon going to run out of gold/XP so I can't keep leveling my whole roster for bait teams. I was hoping some pros could give me some advice on a good solid team to invest in now to make future towers, as I level, much easier. Also, maybe advice on runes for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time reading this.


  • It really is all about the runes you use.. I would probably have to say grognog is a great option because he has 2 AOE attacks. Kobal because he has 3 solid attacks and gains energy a fast hero like mk or shade and a healer like nub nub.. Maybe work on a team like that to run the tower personally i use MK, Shade, Grog and Nub Nub and they perfect the tower every time.

  • A well built Undead team will auto run any level that doesn't include MK in it- I'd recommend following Zombi's rune guide on Youtube. You will need them fully ascended to get use of Zomm's Taste for Brains and Hansuke's Wind of Consequences. With those plus Team Leech from Brom you should get through multiple levels without breaking a sweat

    For levels with MK in them- bait with a single hero like Alex, Leo etc. and once the AoE attacks are done hit them with Rogues to take out the first "Normal" speed hero, then a well runed Kobal, Daeris or Ponti should take the rest out- stack them with Power runes

    As a back up a solid goblin team can do well too, levels that are heavy on casters like Kai, Shade, Ponti or Kobal will be taken down by Zurk, Bramble and Nub
  • Thank you so much for your time and good advice. I will look up Zombi video on my lunch break.
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    Zombi's Undead team works well, but it requires Shade and can't be used anytime MK is in the mix. It also requires decent runes. I use this when I can on the Tower, and use Heroic 4* or better Runes with ~40% of them being Greater.
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  • The new beast team (Lupina, Torchy, Grog, Pignus) does really well for me at lvl 70. Rune them each with 2 vampire runes, 1 good bulwark (2 for pignus), and the rest high attack. Then get their epics up to max.

    Another great team (but hard to make) is Ember/SB/MK/BD/Aria. I prefer Ember/BD/MK/Aria, but that takes a lot of aether to get going. Give each hero lots of attack, a bulwark, and one vamp rune, except Ember (just defensive runes for her).

    I can take both teams to the top without anyone dying about 50% of the time at lvl 70 with good runes.

    As others pointed out, undead are probably the best when MK isn't around and don't require any specific runes to be good.
  • Thank guys for your good advice and time you took to answer.
  • Anybody with a fast tag, with high emphasis on MK. I rarely use anyone in tower without a fast tag.
  • Astrid Zen Kai shade
    It has gotten me a perfection 76/77 times
    That one time enemy shade linked Astrid and I killed her...
    But it works amazing
    I actually have a post here with a video link
    I'll bump it.

  • A team I have been using with good success has been Astrid, Emily, Furnace and Bauble. It doesn't autorun but it's super easy to play and cleans the tower out consistently.
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    I use this team on my main and my L48 alt. Even without Yas' epic it works well and takes the hassle out of tower runs:

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    You want the Zombie team. However, I find Rocky/Lilly/Bovus/NubNub works very well too, even against fire enemies, so long as you don't come across a Koros during your run.

    ...Buuuut, I use Shadowblade/Willow/Rogar/Yasmin, because they make a neat team, all have epics, and are some of the first heroes you get. Keep in mind mine are 6*, all have Epics level 9 (Although Shadow is stuck at 5 until the next Pestilent Spiral), and are runed like crazy. It's not even really a good team, it's just fun.

    You'll get to a point where the tower is more of a chore than something that requires actual strategy, and you can just mess around with fun teams.
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