Complicated pvp feedback

@Eej and DB developers.

Pvp to me is personally something I generally loathe in games. I always avoid it like the plague and will not play games in which that is a core component to end game progression.

My experience so far with the new pvp system and hero changes is only negative. I find the new system overly complicated, resource, and time draining.

Right now if things stay thus way and it does not become easier, and remains a core component. (guild dailies and guild games) in my opnion it will kill the fun for me and cause me to take my whaling to another game. If u wanted complex pvp to be core to end game I would not have started playing db to begin with.

Please rethink the current course of action you guys are taking because you are killing your game.



  • To be specific.

    The streaking is a huge time and money void. And 100% nessary.

    The changes to Lupina and snakes have completely ruined match making. Most of the matches I see have some sort of combo that involves them and they are unbeatable without rng.
  • 100% necessary or UNnecessary?
  • FatCat69 wrote: »
    100% necessary or UNnecessary?

    That's why it says complicated :)
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  • I don't think the current implementation is at all necessary.

    I will continue to advocate for a three tier system which brings in one of each type of opponent (easy/medium/hard) and your streak is reduced by attacking the easy, unchanged by attacking the medium, and extended/increased by attacking the hard target.

    This sort of setup would allow people to accomplish their daily quests if they need to, or actively pursue a spot on the top 100 list by attacking those who are harder or at the same level as them. Attacking down (for quests) is still possible but discouraged by lesser rewards and impact on your streak counter.

    Every attack, win or lose, will refresh all three targets. That way no one target gets stuck on an active player's list of targets until they are inevitably attacked.
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