PvP Preseason Bugs Update (Dungeon_Crawler_1944's since 10 Mar 2017 problem)

As of 1300L CST today:
PreSeason still does not work for me, nor does the rest of myDungeon's routines work properly (at least not consistently as they should)--
a. cannot revenge since it does not show any of my defeats from attacks,
b, only shows my last two victories (performed within a half-hour) in pvp raids, not the three "losses" in pvp raids I attempted today (over 45-minutes)
c. does not show any victories or defeats since approx 1000L CST 10 MAR 2017 FROM attacks on myDungeon -=>even though I can see them occur on the green/red bar and the name of the attacker listed below as they are "displayed" (note, even though I have moved up a level, I was NOT awarded anything)
*****Note: I failed to check to see what happened to my raid tickets during this "test" of the pvp raid system

on the 5 pvps I attempted today (over 45 minutes):
a) the 1st aborted to Home (WITHOUT going to the usual prebattle screen of names of who vs who and my team) and when I reinitiated ALL of the opponents had changed (not good since they were all much better/stronger than me and than the one I had chosen to engage and I would have beaten soundly since this opponent had no runes and was a level lower with 5 fewer stars than me, for a change);
b) the 2nd I won in the 1st round;
c) the 3rd (and all three opponents were new!) was a close victory where one of my heroes barely survived, pretty even battle;
d) the 4th, after selecting go to combat, the screen hung up on the usual (my name vs opponent screen with my heroes (4) shown below for about 2+ minutes but less than 3 minutes, I aborted to HOME
e) on the 5th pvp raid I found AGAIN all different opponents and was defeated by a much stronger opponent (the weakest of whom I engaged, a level 59 with greater runes and improved runes so shiny (because they were all 4 or 5 star heroic or legendary) that did not let me get a shot off
***1st Note, I checked the PreSeason screen before and after each raid pvp and noted only the victories were registered every time
***2nd Note: I received credit for three (3) attempted pvps and received credit for the quest (attempt 3 pvp raids)

This has been a very frustrating week for me and my guild master. Normally I am a 180+ (last few weeks, 210) crown per week performer, routinely earned 1500 honor per day via pvp and the treasure, and have attained the lower level of Champion in the pvp raids. None of this has occurred since 10 March. The game's developers made some changes after 09 Mar 2017 that really messed up myDungeon routines for some of us. I hope they fix this soon. I have attempted to reach customer service, use the feedback mechanism within the game and any other method available... as a former programmer/analyst/configuration management professional (and quite frankly, expert) I sincerely hope that the develppers question their procedures and their troubleshooting methods and try to improve them.

I hope this update helps the developers troubleshoot the persisting problem in raid pvp AND PreSeason/Revenge/Leveling in PvP


  • Update 15 Mar @ approx 2150L, pvp working about normal (pre 10 Mar) with one exception, when aborted came back immediately into game and found new opponents. Revenge now possible since PreSeason screen is being updated, do not know if all attacks against myDungeon are being logged, but at least my pvps are being logged now. No hang-ups since this AM. thnxs to the developers for troubleshooting the problem to the extent that I can now play.
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