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  • @Phillipriv9 sounds like you want to take a ride on a disco stick
  • In all honesty sound more fun then the doign PVP in this game
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    The car that we're all driving in is on fire, how about we extinguish it before kicking it into overdrive eh?!

    The wind will snuff the flames
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    Plz stop making heroes fast
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    Plz stop making Legend I 40K trophies.

    Please pass the salt.
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    BIGBEN wrote: »
    Am the only one to think that this is the worst change in game they never made?

    Yes, because they did make the change
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    Eej wrote: »
    Also, since people would have "runed" Rocky (and likely Krexx and Viperia) differently given the original bonuses given by Rocky - we're also going to be turning on a free Rune-equip in conjunction with this change.

    I'll update once we're closer to the release change.

    @Eej, Can anything be done so that the order all of the heroes in the selection screen does not get re-jumbled whenever runes are changed?


    Go to apps screen, find dungeon boss,

    hit uninstall.

    problem solved.
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    Eej wrote: »
    No offense taken, we did and do - but the resultant mistake means the criticism is indefensible.

    I can defend the criticism just find.
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    The nature hero days are numbered when the new agent orange hero is released. I hope it looks like me.

    Highly vulnerable to chemicals and explosions.
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    Lieto wrote: »
    gradders wrote: »
    @MattCauthron thanks for that. Lots of people hinting but not saying! Can I ask what Kobal brings to the party? Disease on death?

    The point to note is bullet proof Em. Takes high quality runes for this status


    I don't have the hero that shoots bullets yet.

    which one is it?
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    farfella wrote: »
    I am FURIOUS with this change! I swear DB hates me! I make a thread saying how I wish there were more mushroom heroes, and what does DB do? THEY ELIMINATE ALL MUSHROOM HEROES! This is an atrocity!

    Could you make a thread asking them not to fix PVP?
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    Zombie8u wrote: »

    This post deserves its own thread. Sorry @Eej but things are getting pretty sad. Sometimes I picture you, Joel, and one overworked programmer all huddled around an computer from the 80's trying to remember the dos command to fix some ancient code that the game still runs off of.

    No, that's Windows.
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    @danac, is this game getting you upset? I can't imagine why?
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    @danac, is this game getting you upset? I can't imagine why?

    No. You can.
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    @danac is there a special prize for 2000 comments. Maybe @bvs72 knows the answer
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  • I'm sure @bvs72 was hoping it was a date with @Victoria, but no. No prize. ;)
  • I have no clue about the nightmare that making these changes entails, but I'm sensing that the solutions are going in the right direction as far as the approach. What I mean is that already existing heroes are being worked on in unique ways that can counter a rigid and exclusive meta. If a mushroom can be a "fast rogue" someone like Sifu or Takumi could be fast as well. Or, maybe there could be more interesting changes, to existing less used heroes, that could be passives, like a passive that boosts specifically dwarves, raising their attack, and making them fast in pvp for example. I'm just thinking out loud guys, but I like that the game seems to be finding, or at least trying to find, these kind of solutions with older heroes. It is unfortunate that over a loophole using the reptiles they feel the necessity to back peddle on some of Rocky's improvements, I would have rather seen an adjustment that would have instead fixed that specific situation.
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    fph wrote: »
    @danac is there a special prize for 2000 comments. Maybe @bvs72 knows the answer

    I was on a roll.
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  • Does Rocky get a stat buff? It would be cool if he did.
  • Going from Magical Mushroom with a neat ability to a FAST plant with a weakened ability. If you really want to level the playing field then just take away runes and you won't have a need for all this balancing and nerfing crap. PvP had better play without runes. Any hero could be used and was useful in the right situations, PvP or PvE. Now it's just pick your favorite and put all power runes on them or get the newest hero released and dominate with their overpowered abilities. Everyone wants the old heroes revamped but it's only done to defeat the current meta team and create a new one. What will the next hero be? A slow hero so strong you have to focus every attack on him before his turn or he'll unleash an ability with a % chance to wipeout your whole team? If you want another overpowered hero, I can just create another post suggesting another "Shade" and they can eventually bring that to life too ;)
  • i dont see the rocky changes
  • Eej wrote: »
    We're in the process of final testing.

    The change will be Dodge% on both aspects (Haste/Evasion) will be 35% with the skill fully leveled - as opposed to 85/50 respectively.
    @Eej is there really zero compensation being sent out for this change? I mean the free unequip was nice but it would also be nice to get some of the gold we had already spent reruning back. Or maybe some raid resources for the raids this cost us trying to figure out the new rocky situation before it was determined to be too OP?

    I mean there wasn't even a message sent out in-game about this, 3 days later. There's probably a bunch of players who still think his dodge is 85%.

    Wait, what? They majorly nerfed a revamp to an old hero because they hadn't bothered to playtest it, and they didn't even bother to tell players?

    Badly, done, DB, badly done.

    Not the nerf, but the lack of admitting it had to happen and apologizing to players.

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