Change to shades epic?

Just lost a PVP battle to a shade whose epic hit everyone of my heroes in turn. Not only that it went off 3 times in a row. I guess the 3 times in a row could happen but shades epic has always only been a single attack. Is this a bug or a new change that we weren't told about?


  • haven't seen this myself, but if so, that seems incredibly OP. possible to get a video?
    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • Too late for a video. But I'm not the only one that's had it happen. It's a bug and there is another thread about it in the bug section.
  • What you're describing is not the way Shade's epic works..

    Not saying you're lying but it is hard to stake a claim without any proof. If the other thread has proof.. then you should feed off and endorse the issue from that thread.

    I do agree - with such a thin margin for error in PvP... These bugs are win/lose situations. Just had my Shade NOT use spirit link (had shadow blade to choose from) instead, he just shot at Furnace.

    I've seen times when Emily won't resurrect.

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