Noob Question - Does Line-up Order affect anything?

So in a lot of RPG's, the front row/back row alignment matters a lot; back row fighters usually receive 50% melee damage and do 50% more melee damage. In some games, the front row is much more likely to be attacked than the back.

I've noticed in this game that the front row/back row seems to change between the regular campaing battles and the boss battle. Does this affect anything other than how the sprites look on the screen? I've been trying hard to keep my 2 tanks (Stone Fist and the Green Jelly dude who poisons) on the front line and my healer/main damage dealer (Yas/Grub and either Tsume/Zurk/Bovus) in the back line. Should I not worry about this in the campaigns?

I assume that in PvP the 1-4 order also affects who goes first; if 2 "fast characters" are in the 1-2 slots, then the #1 slot "fast" character goes first. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help/tips. Up to level 26, most of my team are 2*, though Green Jelly is 3*, as is Nimeral (who I don't use and haven't leveled up at all; is she decent?).

Final quick side question: Is Lupina a worthwhile hero? She/he seems very hard to obtain, so you'd figure that it's strong, but I've seen plenty of games where heroes are more like achievements. Just wondering if I should be excited or meh when I get a token.

Thanks a bunch; these forums are great!


  • The selection order matters when choosing heroes before entering a dungeon. You're correct in saying Fast heroes first in their order line up, then normal speed, then slow. When in the dungeon, the heroes are positioned so that there is no overlap. So the front/back does not currently mean anything in that regard.

    Also, Lupina used to be a trophy hero, same as Rocky. But both have gotten buffs recently that have made them see a fair amount of usage.
  • Yes, if two heroes are the same speed, the one you put first will go first, but no buffs or anything else.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • So bringing it all together, I should always organize my heroes from "Fast to Slow" on the "1-4" slots, correct?

    I've basically been doing it backwards this entire time. Yeesh.
  • xandrew29 wrote: »
    So bringing it all together, I should always organize my heroes from "Fast to Slow" on the "1-4" slots, correct?

    I've basically been doing it backwards this entire time. Yeesh.

    Not really.

    Fast will go first in the order (from the left) regardless of position vs normal or slow speed. Within a speed class, you order your heroes based on which one you want to go first. For example, when I run the goblin team, I usually put Bramble first so that if I want to cast his party ability, I do that before the other goblins attack. All the goblins are normal speed except Nub Nub who is slow. Regardless of where I place Nub Nub in my party order, he goes last.

    Also, in PvE, all your heroes go before the enemies of the same speed. In other words, all your fast go, then the enemies that are fast go, then all your normal speeds go, etc. In PvP, it is much different. You alternate, defense first fast goes, then attacker first fast, etc. Order in PvP is very, very important. The consequences of order are much more severe in PvP than PvE.
  • Thank you everyone for your input; these forums are awesome (also, this game is flipping complicated!).
  • You also want to consider the slow debuff when ordering your team. E.g. If your fast hero is slowed they will take the place of your first normal speed hero. This makes it appear your turn was skipped. To avoid this, it is best to place fast heroes last in the lineup.
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    OP, be very careful of three things.

    1. Pontifex Maximus. When he dies in flesh form, the next normal speed hero takes his place in the chain. This is specific to Pontifex.

    2. The game is buggy. When a defender runs away from fear, it sometimes causes the next in line to jump the queue. And sometimes it just happens anyway. Yes, it can be pretty frustrating.

    3. Emily's reincarnate permits the raised character to attack immediately (i.e. out of turn) and Shade's Possession does that too, in sense, as it gets to Possess and then also attack with the new character form. This can seem so much like cheating that, well ... Shade.
  • I've heard Shade is currently the most OP hero out there, but I believe he's VIP only. Not sure I want to sink any $$ into this game yet; I usually play a game for 3-6 months before investing $$ (in case the dev decides to shelf it/figure out the best way to spend my $). I don't mind spending $30+ on a mobile game if I really like it (Clash Royale, etc.), but don't want to spend on a game with very quick-changing meta (not sure if this is one yet).
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