Favorite tower team?

I usually run the tower with shade, shadow, ember, and Kira. Not always auto but so very quick and easy. Okay I used hoppy instead of ember yesterday, but the body stomping takes too darn long. What do you use to do the tower?


  • BrazyBrazy Member
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    SB Torchy Shade Yas for autorun. SB and Torchy's epic can clear most floors.
  • RexobRexob Member
    I use Shade, Zomm, Bromm, Yaz when I can't use my speed team: Indigo, Torchy, SB, MK (sometimes I sub in Willow). My epics aren't good enough yet for Torchy or SB to reliably win, and I can't go full out Auto just yet. I've experimented a bit with Dwarves to some degree and Valkin + Dagrund make them super tanky with borderline endless sustain.
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  • Kira, Daeris, Indigo, NubNub if I feel like tapping. Undead if I want to Auto run.
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  • ember indigo MK and black diamond. I don't have an autorun team yet. But the rogues are serving me well until I run into enemy rogues that can one shot indigo. then I need to swap out a hero or run a different team for that floor.

    for a time in my mid thirties, i was experimenting with a caster, caster healer and astrid and that worked very nicely. Higher up, they start hitting too hard.

  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Shadow Willow Rogar Yasmin.

    The classics.
  • One of my regrets is not getting the Tower Toppler achievement before getting so many heroes. I couldn't bear all the killing now. I'm not even sure my tower could kill everyone. That would take some planning.
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  • nunyanunya Member
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    @ZWendy for tower toppled you need 2 things. A top floor with a bd or Kira opener, and patience. Kill off all your heroes that are prone to revenge first ( don't forget aria). Then enter and retreat on the top floor, leaving one alive that can kill Chronus. (Ponti or Brom). It's boring as sin but fairly easy. :)
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