Chapter 21 Vile Thorn Challenge Mode

Those Nim clones are a nightmare. You can't tank them and you can't daze them as they don't miss.

I 3*'d it with Igorok, Yoko (not knowing that Daze was useless but Blue that has HP helps), OE and Auggie. The key thing was to bring 3 energy pots and have Igorok use one in every room to freeze. I was also lucky that I had a Dhaegon 6* level 70 friend available for the boss room.
Formerly of the Potato Army. I've mostly quit playing DB. However, I can be reach in Book of Heroes (in game or forum) as bbbb.


  • Thx for this! It guided me in the right direction after getting my **** whipped by those Nim clones about 5 different attempts, lol. Since Daze wasn't working, I used your team, but replaced Yoko with Zomm. Then had a friend with a lvl 70 4* Koros help me finish the boss and Nim clones off. wl8uu89lbbmt.png
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