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    sirtainly wrote: »
    So I had the day 1 quests and the day 3 quests. But I didnt get the day 2 quests. Looks like I am not the only one missing these. Will you provide the day 2 quests soon or not at all ?

    There are only two sets of quests, on the first day of the event ("day 1 quests") and the third day of the event "day 3 quests".

    @ eej, next time, of you're skipping days, don't label quests day 1, day 2, etc.

    Just go with "Group 1, Group 2"

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    danac wrote: »
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    No. Not at all. No day 2 quests exist.

    Day 2 quests only exist for the secret level 71 players.

    Are they the ones that have a nice even 90 stamina?

    I still don't know how we went from 80 stamina at level 60 to 89 stamina at level 70..

    The Potato Army
  • @Joel @Eej Shall we get Viperia to be featured in the heroic portal in this nature event? We have seen Cobressa featured in multiple fire events but not event once for Viperia? Also when 4 different heroes(koros/furnace/cobressa/astrid) were featured in a fire themed event 3 days ago, all we have for this nature themed event is Krexx for 1 day and then Lily for the rest 3 days? I understand that you want more people to star-up this new hero but at least give us noobs the chance to unlock Viperia with a guaranteed 10x in heroic portal please.
  • Nice event , liked it lots of lily
  • You had 80 stamina at level 61, not 60. That was the old cap, right?
  • Did anybody finish 50/50 for the Lily tokens? Was it 2 Lily tokens all the way to the end?
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