Day 2 quests for the Plague Bearers event?

Will there be Day 2 quests for th Plague Bearers event? Or will this be like last week's event and have new event releases only on Days 1 & 3?


  • I think it was said that there are 2 sets of quests. Who knows if they will call it 1 and 3 again.
  • There were no no quests released on the second day of the event. There will be another set released today, Wednsday, the third day of the event, according to Joel's original post:
    Joel wrote: »
    There are several quests available now, and an additional set of quests will become available on Wednesday.
  • My day 3 quests disappeared when the update came in. I was 1/2 way done with them and suddenly they weren't there when the download finished.
  • I had one quest on day 2 that had a 2 in front of it, but just one, and my day 3 quests went away too.
  • For this current event, the day 2 only had one quest. The day 3 quests appeared, but then were remover later in the day. Eej made announcement that the day 3 quests had to suddenly be removed because of a game crash. In his announcement he said they'd try to have them back before event end on Monday, but he couldn't be certain.

    The announcement is here in the forum if you want to go check it out.
  • Uhh, which event is this thread about? Plague Bearers was a few days ago...
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