Rune Balance (PVP-PVE-GG)

Dear all,
in my opinion the best runes called champion runes, can be collected in PVP, only.
With a lot of luck and a huge amount of materials and money you are able to craft/get similar runes, but I have been predominantely unlucky...
For myself I can state, that I don't like it to be forced doing a lot of PVP, if I would like to collect such fine runes.

It would be nice (especially for the players disliking PVP), if the champion runes have a counterpart to be found for huge efforts in PVE and Guild Games.

Possibly make them all craftable, equivalent as suggestet here:



  • Please stop making a million threads for similar ideas or content. I think you have three or four re: possible rune changes.
  • I thought - new idea/aspect - new thread (to avoid a loooong text nobody would read), but perhaps you are right.
    I will try to cumulate correlated themes in the future.
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    Comment removed due to personal stupidity. Apologize to all.
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    Wow, @JaxBoomstick - check out whom you are insulting before you do it. Baxxi is Top 100 any time he has the desire to go for it. He needs no "free stuff," and is one of the best strategists in the game.
  • @Lork_Baxx no, you're right separate ideas in separate threads is good. Just do what you can to combine like ideas. This one is similar to and even mentions your idea of making PVP champion runes craftable.

    PVE focused runes exist, they're just dependent upon having the + Damage in PVE trait show up in the fourth slot while crafting. I wouldn't mind having other + Damage in PVE runes show as rewards for campaign quests -- perhaps one for each of three star all Normal Mode, three star all Challenge Mode, or three star all Boss Mode levels accomplishments.

    Like the + PVP damage Champion runes, I don't see them being craftable directly because why would anyone craft anything but runes with a guaranteed fourth trait that gives you an advantage in PVP or PVE?
  • I think the amount of these runes with a guaranteed fourth traid have to be strictly limited to 1 maybe 2 of these runes per week by the special material needed. I mean much more rare than boss fangs for example.

    Also the possibiliary to get them legendary as I suggested should be strictly limited as well.

    Still have the possibility to craft additional runes would be interesting for everybody who likes to craft plenty runes at one time.
  • You would have to play the game and spend time to get the finest runes.
    And that's the way it is in PVP already.
  • @Lork_Baxx i think posting these as two threads close together and linking them was a mistake and probably why people are being dismissive.

    However these are not the same idea and i actually have no problem with this one. Making the champions prizes for heroic efforts in any aspect of the game sounds like a great idea. These are clearly the rewards we want judging by the amount of activity in pvp season to season. So making them the top end reward for achievements in pve and guild games sounds like a great idea to me.

    I do not want them craftable or easily attainable. I believe very strongly that is the wrong approach and will honestly kill pvp. But making highly desirable runes the reward for all massive in game efforts sounds good.
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