Witherbloom 21-3 Challenge Mode

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I don't see a thread for this level.

I 3*'d it with Yoko, OE, Auggie, and Nub. Just play very defensively and it is a pretty easy win.
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  • Thanks bobb, this is 21-3 though
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  • I don't think the original comment on this thread was for this dungeon. The team I used to 3 star was Yoko, Bramble, Zurk, and Nubnub. Yoko and Bramble are 4 star and Zurk and Nubnub are 6 star. I re-did this at lvl 70, I'm not sure what that team would be like at a lower level. Yoko only has his second ascension though. I used energy pots to keep the enemies dazed but I don't know that this was even necessary, the goblins wiped the rooms pretty consistently with crits.
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