What happened to PvP??!

I recently came back after a couple months off, and now I have teams SIGNIFICANTLY lower level than me completely one shotting my entire runed up team.
I had an instance earlier today where I faced a team 9 levels lower than me and I didn't even get to go before I was destroyed!
I hate to use the word broken, because I just came back, so can anyone enlighten me as to what the heck is going on with PvP?!


  • Will have to see what your heroes are and what runes they have, and then compare it to the folks you fought and their runes.
  • I did not think you could match up with teams more than +/- 5 levels than you right now? I have not seen anyone more than level 47 raid me.

    Probably all just runes. Runes are so Over Powered right now. I understand they are working on some balance...soon.
  • oredithoredith Member
    short answer is that runes matter A LOT (like, seriously, A LOT..) more than level difference.

    for instance, a slow level 60 MK with all legendary greaters and epic wpn is going to completely wipe you out if you're speed leveling to 70 and do not have optimized runes (ie, if you're in improved runes or greaters that aren't heroic / legendary).
    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • oredithoredith Member
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    oops, double post
    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • Short answer. It doesn't cost $$ to level up - It can cost $$ to rune up.
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
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