I know this sounds about 6 months after kai broke the meta (when did Kai come out?) but what's the best strategy on beating him? I still find him (and the reptiles) the hardest teams to beat.

I tend to use Ember, Willow, Indigo and SB. Once boosted those three will normally kill everyone but Kai. IF MK is involved I'll change the order - SB, ember, willow, Indigo - hoping SB will take out MK (although he often dodges...). But if Kai is with both MK and BD I often avoid.

But what are the standard approaches for beating the surfing dude?


  • echonapechonap Member
    Shade will make dark heroes immune to drench. Single target hitters are completely unaffected to the status effect. Zen's first ability can purge drench from one character, while also making them invincible.

    Kai also has melee invulnerability, so warrior-type heroes will do increased damage to him.

    There are specific strategies that will change depending on the rest of the team, and the order of heroes. If you have a specific lineup that you are struggling with, let me know and I can try to help. But you may not have the necessary heroes/runes to beat that team.
  • @echonap Thanks for that. I have everyone. I'm Warlord pvp so I should know better! I have only recently got shade and didn't realise his passive would safeguard dark heroes. Nor that Zen's protection also purged, meaning Zen, ember, MK pretty much does it!
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