Match making working as intended?

spiffymcbangspiffymcbang Member
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this looked fair, No?

And that is the best team this account can field, no sand bagging on the Roster power to try to get easier matches. I still do not understand the heroes to neuter to try to get implied roster power lower.


  • echonapechonap Member
    I'm so confused. Your forum name is spiffymcbang, your signature is litespeed, and your screenshot shows bigztheeldest attacking joseywales. You are complaining about matchmaking, but not sure if you are complaining that it is too easy or too hard.
  • Sorry,
    Joseywales is an alt for me.
    Bigztheeldest is not me. I assumed that this was an easy attack for him (E/M/H) not sure though.
  • My hard choice
    Jr. Complainer @ Society of Bosses
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