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I looove 3x mats, Evo Extravaganza, 2x tokens, 2x gold, free unequip, etc. Like every DB players, I'm thrilled every time you give us a boost event. However, and I'm not sure if others feel the same, I would much prefer if you offered them separately (except maybe for 2x gold, which can be matched with pretty much anything). It's just overwhelming when we have multiple ones at once and I always end up neglecting at least one of them, which is a bummer because these events can be extremely useful. The other solution, if you insist on offering them in batches, would be to make them last 2-3 days instead of 1.

Hopefully, you'll take this feedback into consideration. Thanks!


  • KangKang Member
    @VioletLyra I think having all the bonuses active is a holiday gift from DB. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth ;)
  • Ha! ;)

    Well it's actually the second time in a row it happens.

    As I said, I love love love boost events. Thank you so much to DB for making them happen regularly. I just think we'd take better advantage of them if they weren't grouped together. Or at least, that's my experience. I sadly don't have 2000 stamina and 999 loot keys ready for action. :)
  • I think that's part of the intent. Kinda like why the free unequip events are usually only 24 hours. Enough time to dip your toe, but not enough time to fully take advantage of it and pillage the game.

    As such, we focus on what we need the most and get to whatever we can in the remaining time. I managed to get all of my Epics maxed during the event but unequipped only a handful of runes. Would've loved to spend a bit more time swapping runes around but just didn't have the time to dedicate to it.
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