Any on have a login problem?

My dungeon boss is stuck at the login section. I am currently using iphone 6 and live in Australia.


  • Yes. Sydney. Cannot login since 4 am last night.
  • Yep, from Australia as well. Havent been able to log in since last night either... Not sure what's happening.

    Seems like most people are able to log in now except us Aussies.. hopefully they will fix it soon
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  • Can't login to (from Israel), send already a ticket, hope they will fix soon
  • Can't log in either, very frustrating
  • @Joel Is the team aware of this issue?
  • From Turkey İstanbul Android Phone and last 16 hours cant login fuking game
  • They are aware yes, plenty of posts in the bugs section. Australia here too, going on 24 hrs now since I last played...:( I hope someone can feed my Rocky, he needs plenty of mulch and water
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  • Are the daily reward will back at day 1?
  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    No, it'll resume where you left off.
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  • I couldnt go on the whole day... There better be some compensation :wink:

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    Hey folks. Just closing this thread for redundancy. Please move the conversation over to the main thread here:
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