Help a new player form his team ! :)

Hi everyone ! Just discover the game something like 1weaks ago ! Really love it !
But I need help to figure what team would be the best to attack in my dungeon.
I was thinking about a fast group because I am really sick of seing my hero die before they even do something.
I was thinking about something like back diamond, Arrow, a healer and a something else... You will see down that I have attach a pictures of my hero list. (note: my game is in french...)

Thx for any help :)



  • On attack, a decent fast team could be nimriel, willow (green rogue), shadow blade (ninja), and for now, rogar/phenol. I would not bring a healer because they only are useful on slow teams for pvp
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  • I see ! I will definitely try that ! I will put phenol, and max willow ! :) For a slow team what would you use ??
    Thx for the fast response ! :)
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