DB lvling and ascension thread regarding overall gameplay from lvl1-70

Hey everyone, I'm a rather new player with relatively little experience in the game and will be lvl50 after one more LVL, at this point I found it very hard to gain real up to date information on DB, so I'd ask for every guru's input here.

Bit of a backstory: I've been meaning to gain knowledge in upgrade scoping in this game for a while yet haven't been successful, hence I'd like to make some sort of overall ratings system on each character, the suggested rune compositions, possible usage throughout gameplay, hence judging it's worth from a players low level to high. Eg. Sir william, one of the first characters you unlock, and will initially seem to be rather decent, yet one u progress in lvls it'll become a fringe character and become near un-usable.

So to begin this excel/word project I'll make, let's begin with the values of 10 characters and I'll like the input of them, and just to clarify this is regarding their usage purposes in both pvp, pve, and most effective rune set-ups in a format sort of like:

Eg: The Furnace
Rare character to obtain during early game: powerful when used in conjunction with bauble or dagrund.
Possible value in pve and PvP but third ascension is crucial, runes can be set up to optimise the most out of its attack stat or damage reduction stat, in cases when paired with bauble attempt to stray away from increasing HP, for in worse case scenarios expect every hit he takes to reach abs of steel damage cap from unit ability, to allow continuous healing from bauble during taunt, usability is moderate in both pvp and pve, yet it isn't suggested to used this hero composition in high rank PvP defence teams due to its weakness against fast heroes and team building around it being weak at dealing damage, yet has excellent ability to grind out a match and is awesome during most PVE runs due to its value in tanking hits in challenge mode regardless of level difference and may allow one to grind out high levels in PVE disregarding a low level in the actuall game. But is weak when racing major bosses due to them ignoring taunt and attacking your squishy dps characters immediately.

That was just an example, and of course you can add more information if you'd like: PS don't take what I think about the Furnace incredibly seriously, since I'm still noob and my usage of him although being quite alot, isn't in actuall high LVL PvP games.
Also I must add since I'm not proofreading this post due to writing it on a phone and the formatting and editing ability of using it on this comment being atrocious. I'd like you guys not to forget to rate the usability of the archetype certain characters are part of and will be used in teams in pvp, eg construct furnace teams, fast attack teams, and reptile teams.

With all being said I'd like input regarding the following heroes:
-masuta Kira
-the furnace
- the gorgan sisters viperia and Contessa
- shield maiden Astrid
- ella
- and most of the early game unlocks, being:
- shadow blade
- willow
- nitpick
- sir William
- water healing girl (forgot name)
- mangle jaw
- bovus
- nub nub
- Kobal
- Roger
- Selwyn
And last but not least phemus, stone fist, jabber , squinch and abigail.
Last note a personal question from me: I am three tokens away from 4* shade and I'm wondering what runes I should equip him with to use in PvP


  • Forget to characters thing I talked about being ten initially, just comment (the DB gurus) on the characters you'd like to share your experiences with, but stray away from characters on the close to impossible to obtain side, like ember sanguine aria and thing that can't be obtained in portals
  • Top PvP heroes in your list include:

    Gorgon Sisters
    Kobal (Mostly used simply to die. Usefulness severely negated by Ferno)

    Heroes useful in PvE in your list:
    Water Healing Girl (Yasmin)
    Nub Nub

  • Here is my opinion on a numerical rating of 1-10 (10 being best) for how useful each character is in PVP and PVE, and what stat(s) to focus on for runes
    MK - PVP 10, PVE 6, attack, crit, DR
    Krexx - PVP 8, PVE 2, nothing that will improve his survivability. You want him to die. No def, DR, health, dodge.
    Kreel - PVP 0, PVE 0, I don't use him at all and I laugh at anyone who uses him on defense.
    Bauble - PVP 8, PVE 2, DR, skill, health
    Furnace - PVP 9, PVE 7, attack, damage, crit
    Alex - PVP 0, PVE 0, this guy is useless
    Ponti - PVP 5, PVE 6, attack, DR
    Cobressa - PVP 9, PVE 6, attack, crit, DR
    Viperia - PVP 7, PVE 4, attack, crit, DR
    Astrid - PVP 7, PVE 7, defense, attack
    Ella - PVP 3, PVE 3, attack, dodge
    Shadowblade - PVP 8, PVE 2, attack, dodge, DR
    Willow - PVP 5, PVE 3, attack, DR
    Nitpick - PVP 3, PVE 3, attack, DR
    William - PVP 1, PVE 5, def, attack
    Yasmin - PVP 1, PVE 9, def, skill, attack
    Mangle - PVP 2, PVE 3, attack, dodge
    Bovus - PVP 4, PVE 8, attack, defense
    Nub - PVP 3, PVE 7, skill, crit, defense
    Kobal - PVP 7, PVE 7, attack, skill
    Rogar - PVP 3, PVE 3, attack, DR
    Selwyn - PVP 1, PVE 1, attack, defense
    Phemus - PVP 0, PVE 0, slow heroes are mostly useless
    Stonefist - PVP 1, PVE 3, def, attack
    Jabber - PVP 0, PVE 2, attack, defense
    Squinch - PVP 0, PVE 3, attack, defense
    Abigail - PVP 0, PVE 2, attack, defense
    Shade - PVP 10, PVE 1, attack, defense
  • "But third ascendsion is crucial". Weird. I only have him ascended twice and furnace still seems pretty good.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • TopKnightTopKnight Member
    edited July 2017
    Final ascension is crucial for furnace because fully ascended he only takes 20% max damage per hit.
  • @TopKnight nonono. I was being funny couldn't you tell? Get it, because you can only ascend heros twice? Hehe. He. Ha. Funny.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Um thx for the contributions guys !!!!! Some more questions on the following heroes, I'll post a tabulated graph later on this week of all your input,

    So how about the following chats:
    Lily blossom
    Black diamond
    Also how would you equip runes for Kai
  • Also since lily and ferno seem pretty strong after recently seeming them in action, I'd like to know their proper runes setups
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