Tower Quests

Are events planned for completing tower floors (not daily events). I usually wait for the turnover to run the tower, but if it's safe to assume events won't have for example 'complete 20 floors' in a long chain of events. I can clear the tower at a better time than the turnover.


  • I haven't seen events specifically call for running the tower since I started the tower in late March. I doubt they would do this because the tower is inaccessible to anyone below level 28.
  • AmmoAmmo Member
    @squib - I usually wait until the daily reset to run the tower as well. It's unfortunate because the first half of my day, I basically can't play DB.
    @Eej @Joel - any plans on this issue?

    It would be nice if there was an earlier reset time or a way to somehow get credit.

    I have definitely seen events (though not recently) require tower floors to be completed as part of a long chain.
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