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Feel free to request something specific and I can attempt it for you.


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    12:35 Speedrun +perfection

    Stumpum requested a sub 15 minute run and this was my result.
    Using hero's s/he had available plus or minus a few stars. Still very possible.


    A admit it's a big long but shows the basics of a complete tower run that even a beginner should be able to follow.


    Basics of a complete tower perfection.
    Can be completed with a basic roster with at least a few improved runes.

  • keep up the good work...will be nice guide for newbie
    “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”
  • keep up the good work...will be nice guide for newbie

    Thank you :)
    Had a few long time players find them of use but yeah main goal is just to help.

  • I'm L32 and have a total of 39 Heroes. I got wrecked the day I hit 28, then easily cleared the tower the next day after learning about soaking. Now I'm getting wrecked again. I need to improve my soaking skills, plus I need to save my top toons for higher floors.

    Todays tower has L30, L24, L33, L26, and L28 enemies for the first five floors. The first floor has Rogar, Yasmin, Koros, and a lower level (22) SB.
    I am tempted to save a soaker on this floor - I just can't afford to take a hit from Koros, but I think I can use a fast team and kill everyone after taking a wimpy hit from SB. (Of course, with no Yellow in my lineup)

    I'm interested to see whether this line of thinking is reasonable.
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    Video isn't working, but I'd love to watch a perfect speed run!
  • Oh dear it has been a long time since I posted that but twitch link should function still. I'll have a peek later and see what's up

  • Links aren't working for me either it seems.
    Sad. I no longer Have the vids to reupload.
    If you can't get them working going to my actual channel just let this thread die with my recording stuff lol

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