Purchase broke my game

I purchased this week's deal of the week and after confirming purchase my game crashed and refused to load even after reinstall.
After about an hour the purchase actually showed up on another device I was logged into but I still have trouble logging into device I made the purchase on.

All seems good now but being locked out for hours after a purchase is scary.

Anyone else having this issue or have an idea to prevent it.



  • To confirm I did actually get my gems I paid for now. Just having issues logging into that device still.

  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Please send me your in-game name, I'll have this looked into.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Thank you Joel.
    Finally got the device to load dungeon boss after a couple reinstalls.
    Not sure why it didn't work first time.
    My account was never in trouble as my secondary device loaded it just fine but that thing is slow and hard to play on.

  • Purchase broke my budget. Could you look into this too Joel?
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