Honor Summom Revamp +10x Summon?

First off, I just want to say this is NOT a complaint, Joel if you read this thread I'd like an honest response from you and would like to hear your thoughts.

The Honor summon is a great way for players to obtain a few "rarer" hero tokens, as well as a chance at celestials and gold. HOWEVER, it is my opinion that this portal has become very stagnant with most higher level players completely 6* every available hero this portal has to offer, as well as the elite handful who also have every hero ascended. (They don't need the celestials.) This results in those "top players" just saving their honor and spending it on the Honor shop or just letting it convert over when a PvP season ends. I have also seen level 30 teams (obvious 2nd accounted) who have a full team of 6* Ekko, Jaw, Ponti, etc...

An easy solution to this is to simply add a few heroes that have been "forgotten about" like Selwyn, Dhaegon, Yoko, or even Sifu. If we are being honest here, spending 300 gems on a heroic summon and getting 4 Sifu tokens and a couple XP potions is almost equivalent to a smack in the face.

This game has changed soooo much since I've began playing, and along with newer heroes others become less powerful or less used, and it's obvious. i.e Sifu / Takumi.

Breathe some life into older heroes, give people who bring PvP a shot to obtain more heroes, as well as spice up the game a bit by switching up the portals, or just adding some heroes in there.

As for the 10x idea, it's just obnoxious that IF you were to have 100k honor, which a lot of top players DO, they would need to click "summon" over 200x, which would take an hour or more. I just feel like a 20k honor or 25k honor summon should have been a thing from launch.

I appreciate everyone who read this, and would love some feedback. EN, FC, Kac, & KP that means you, as well as other top players.


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    I want a 10x summon for VIP too.
  • maybe an honor summon only hero?
    Trying to get back to playing the game after a few months...
  • @JustFunPlay There is always Pontifex Mortis. Why not add ignus back into honor summon?
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  • Besides Ponti this portal is useless... Never understood why, but in some point, a long time ago they just decided to stop adding new and exiting heroes to that portal... too bad...
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    @noamsadeh the honor portal isnt useless until you get all heroes to 6 stars, then its just another aether farm with rare chances of celestials
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  • I'm a elite handful!

    We used to get honor by using friends, but now only get it from PvP. Happily I already had all the Honor summon heroes before they changed things, and I haven't honor summoned since.

    I have used to use PvP honor to collect hero tokens from the honor shop, but now I have all those possibles 6*rred too. All my honor is now saved for buying superior runes in the honor shop. I've a long way to go before all my heroes have all superior runes.

    Selwyn is Great Summon hero (not a great hero), so you don't want to move him.
    Yoko is not showing in any of the Portals for me right now. My guess is she's supposed to be a Heroic, but he's not there.
    Sifu is definitely outclassed by everyone else on the Heroic Summon and doesn't deserve to be there on his current statistics and abilities.
    Dagrund is currently a serious grind to max out, as he doesn't appear in any portal either, until you start gaining aether and then he's easy.

    I think the Honor Summon, like the Great Summon, is intended to get players roster up to speed, but not to be an endgame portal. At present we have 13 heroes in Great and 123 in Honor, and 16 in Heroic. Indigo is for some reason currently in the VIP Portal as well as Heroic, presumably to discourage people from using the VIP portal.
  • I think every player should be required to use the honor portal once a day. There seems to be some players that don't have enough honor.
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    I think every player should be required to use the honor portal once a day. There seems to be some players that don't have enough honor.

    rip great summon
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • yay more level 2's with ponti!
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