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While I'm not new to the game, I've finally hit Level 50 and realized I should probably get in on the community. While most of the stuff I know about the game is more or less just me exploring and figuring it out (with the occasional googling for certain bosses and stuff), I feel like I'm at the point where I should start actually reading up on where to go from here regarding hero loadouts/strategies, boss island/epics, and just more general in depth stuff.




  • Welcome to the forum. The forum can be as fun as the game
  • More so I think.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Pro Tip: Aria is NOT one of the top 3 pvp heroes.
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • Well, I'm hiting the 30's for level and I want all the help I can get on runes and teams and stuff
  • Avoid vampiric and all runes that give you a bonus at legendary level. That is unless you want to spend a lot of gems, most of them give useless stats accompanied by useful affects
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • He’s being facetious. Vampirics are a great gateway drug to the higher end runes in the game and pretty useful if you intend on auto-running certain heroes through certain levels. Worth the investment, especially for mid level players.
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    Shade, Shadowblade, Hopper, Ember, M. Kira, Solaris, Ferno, Grogg, Torchy, Pignius, Leo, Julius, Viperia, Krexx, Kobal, Zen, Aria, Furnace, Emily, Bauble, Ecko, Koros are most of the main PvP characters atm--Shade is a must and Ember gets a lot more play than Aria when you start spending Aether. This list will be outdated within 6 weeks though :P

    Early on 10% PvP damage reduction tactics runes, esp. red, regardless of lesser/improved etc., are useful end-game in PvP. This might change when combat revamp hits, not sure.
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