Shine On in the Light Festival!

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The Light Heroes are shining brightly with pride and power, because it's time for their turn in the... well, it's not limelight, that's what the Nature Heroes get. Sunlight. It's their turn in the sunlight. Yeah, that sounds better! So outshine your enemies and complete deLIGHTful quests for lots of tokens and rune materials! Ok, 'deLIGHTful' was a really bad one, I'm sorry.

Light Heroes with alternate skins equipped will get the Electric Skin passive, which gives them a chance to shock melee attackers. You know how you can shock people when you build up static electricity? It's like that, but way more painful.

And remember, the Guild PVP Grand Tourney starts on Thursday!

OH! And if the town is less bright than you'd expect for a Light Festival, don't worry about it. Nothing dark or mysterious is going on, and certainly nothing spooky...
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