Guild games!

I woke up this morning eager to see what the guild games was. I saw the event section and saw Solaris staring into my soul...creepy chicken. I looked at the leaderboards and I saw that my guild was already in 16th place! Then I knew I had to contribute but before that I looked at the rewards and I almost died of depression. I was expecting a new skin for Hopper or Jabber or Shade or whatever. Sadly it was just phenol with a crown on his head, not amazing but then I looked at the **** WATER rune. Its literally what I expected, a water rune with less damage in pvp. Amazing. 50 Solaris tokens is ok and the title looks cool but is almost useless. So far I think this event could have been a lot better but I guess its better than having no event at all.

Personally I think the devs should have replaced this with a filler event and work a bit more on this event
Mock exams finished...Im back!


  • I 100% agree. hopefully Solaris tokens don't become a permanent reward for events.
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