Losing battle in this tourney event, still getting massively raided by LV70

If you are in LV 64-67 then you are massively handicapped getting raided by LV 70 constantly.
Spending money and other resources to buy raid tickets then in a matter of minutes all of the trouphies are taking away with hundreds of defeats.
Definitely still big issues which haven't been fixed with the reason updates to help even out in PVP, so sad to see the game go downhill like that. Not going to spend money on this game until the event is over.3iobxsy0irs6.png


  • Another 40+ raid defeats in 1 hoursds1e0zs563y.png
  • They're raiding everyone lots.

    Happens when huge amounts of raid tickets are offered during a guild game.

    But yeah, don't spend money you're just gonna have to ride it out.
    Actually your defensive win% is higher than mine.

  • I don't understand how Lower Levels or Lower Rune Power teams are showing up on the far right for the top 200 people
  • Yep ... I'm so fricken sick of losing to level 70's .. I'm only 69 but I've lost all my money and honor to level 70's .. so sick of it ...
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