Unfearable Emily

I know that Emily can be feared by Shade's first ability (Haunted Past). However, I've run about 500 PvP matches and have attempted to apply fear to Emily using Hopper's first ability and it has never been successful. Is there some reason for this? I know Emily is immune to disease and I'm wondering if somehow the disease immunity is also causing Emily to be immune to Hopper's fear.

Has anyone else successfully applied to fear Emily with any of Hopper's attacks?



  • MattCauthronMattCauthron Member
    edited October 2017
    Why would hopper be able to fear emily? All monsters have a chance to fear beasts on attack. It's called unnatural fear. The only debuff that could be applied to Emily would be Marked for x2 bite damage.

    You've been fighting too many beasts :P

    Lupina will get the job done.
  • Oops - maybe I should read the tool tips! Thanks :)
  • Foozle wrote: »
    Oops - maybe I should read the tool tips! Thanks :)

    Just because Emily didn't shave her armpits this week is no reason to think she's a beast.

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