What is the best way to rune Ferno?

Not to long ago I managed to unlock Ferno. I've been using him a fair bit and want to know what runes are best suited for him?


  • I dont have a great idea as to how to rune ferno but I put 3 power runes and one life and one aegis. not sure if this is any good
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  • Really depends on how you are using him. If you're going for a "stall" type team and his job is to minimize damage for everyone, defense and DR will work better for you. If you're trying to make a flying type team or pair him with beasts or something, I'd want to mix in a fair bit of attack so that he's pumping out some damage. Even with mixed runes he can do a number on a very high def grog, for example.

    Ferno is very versatile, unlike a lot of the older heroes. Hard to give a single "right" way to rune him.
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