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Hi All,

Firstly - loving this game - been having a good 'ol root round the forums and there seems to be a good vibe (albeit complaining about lack of sync issues and hating cats) looking forward to contributing.

So i'm going to try and keep these questions generic, to server other new players who stumble across this.

I'm level 26, i'm working my way through the campaign, i somehow managed to beat all floors of TOP with the team i have, and i've done one 10xheroic summon. Got a Bauble, Archangel Emily and Pignius.

Generic Questions:
Energy: Where should i use it, should i quick loot etc etc

Typically, my strategy so far has been to go to heroes, select profile, see if i can get "tokens" anywhere for that specific hero, and go loot that dungeon, if it's low level i tend to quick loot it (my theory is i can't get an event quest completion to poison low lvl mobs as i kill 'em too quick) on the harder levels i manually run through and try clear event quests as much as poss.

Should i instead be focusing on evo's? mats for runes? Just clearing the campaign as much as humanly possible?

Team Selection: I get that this can change as the meta changes, and that you also need to think PVP persus PVE but my more overall question is should i focus on getting a few heros or kind of fill out a wider roster?

Every time i think of applying runes to a hero, i think meh, well i might not use them and it costs me 100k (on good runes) to unequip.

With other games, typically 1* heros you acquire aren't worth a ****, and the natural 3* or natural 4* are better. This doesn't seem to be the case here, it seems that you can build a team from any of these, once they get strong enough.... especially since the 3* are harder to ascend, and it seems some heroes key abilities are hidden behind ascension (which is hard to do for these heroes at low levels/beginning of game)

My guess here is most people will tell me to not worry too much about all this till i get later in the game. I get that, but should i pick a goblin/beast/nature/undead team to start working towards now, so i'm better prepared later?

Runes are confusing me to no end. One minute i think i've got it with the star rating / description (elusive/focus etc) and then there is this whole rarity thing. And you can tune them? Oh, and they have a lesser/improved/greater/superior. Do Runes actually give a ridiculous buff in the grand scheme of things. Is an utterly unruned 3* going to beat a decently runed 1* ?

Is there a general area to advise you on what to spend your shop currency on? I'm getting the energy/gold from TOP and dungeon respectively, should i be using honor to summon, or save it for tokens and such?

Thanks for anyone that can be bothered to read this long old post let alone reply :)


  • So... where to start.... A good mid to early late game team would be undead since with the avalability of King Yorick (6-12 tokens every day from a full tower clear) and Halloween coming up where you'll surely be able to get (Lifereaper) Brom and (Lord) Zomm that will give you a good opportunity to power up that team. Fair warning though, it does NOT perform well in PvP if Masuta Kira is on the opposing team. Yoricks mark (first ability) will help massively in clearing way harder bosses than you should be able to.

    A good hero to get right now would also be Chief NubNub since he's pretty much undisputedly the best early game healer.

    Also, I do remember being very low on gold early on, but trust me, you'll want many of those honor summon heroes, plus having a larger roster will always help with clearing the tower, your main source of free gems. I recommend at least spending 50% of your honor on summons.

    Runes are an essential part of the game, a well runed character will always beat a much less runed character even if that one is a few stars higher. Runes are what will help you beat the higher level opponents in PvP. Also, watch out for the rune power of your opponents (it's the number in brackets after the enemies power). Compare it to your team. If it's much higher, you are very likely to lose.

    So yeah, save as many gems as you can for the Halloween event, it will allow you to heroic summon some heroes that will massively (at least hopefully) help you. Ascending heroes is also very important, one of the most important daily tasks besides trying to clear the tower will be doing as much of the evo island as possible.
  • Hey, ta very much for the reply!

    Awesome, i'll have a go at focusing on undead then, and for now horde my gems until that event begins.

    I've gotten NubNub already, and ascended him twice. Hopefully with this event i can get enough tokens to level him too.

    Ok, that makes sense, i actually seem to have an abundance of gold atm (i say that @ my level with 3mil) so will try focus more on using honor for summons

    Thanks RE Rune advice, think i just need to get my head around the rarity/grade/star rating - and then what specific runes i need for specific heros (one would imagine look at the traits/synergy im trying to build, if it says "on crit heal team" then focus on crit related runes for that hero?)

    So is the Evo island the only place you should go for evo's? If i have like 200 energy left for the day, do i use that to clear off any outstanding event/quests and then save the rest? Or should i use all my energy and look for tokens/evo's in normal campaign?
  • For runes, your best bet will be power and bulwark runes. A lot of the endgame rune builds are centered around damage reduction but I recommend against doing that because at the moment, DR (Damage Reduction) is mostly an all or nothing deal and lesser/improved runes don't provide enough DR to make it worthwhile. Focus (skill) runes are bad because skill scales very slowly, you need about 20,000 for a double healing effect. Very few heroes need precision (crit) runes, only Indigo and Goblins come to mind immediately. So you'll want 1 or 2 bulwarks on offensive characters and almost exclusively defensive on support characters like NubNub (for him specifically you'll want a few precision runes though). Health runes are ok if you already have 3 bulwark runes on a hero imo.

    The better use for your stamina is indeed searching for dungeons with tokens you need, get a few you want to farm the token from every day. If that dungeon can drop a celestial evo, consider it a nice bonus but don't make it the primary criteria.
  • Wahay, direction has been acquired rune and energy spend wise! Thanks so much.

    Hopefully other newbies find this thread as i feel like they're important questions that are quite hard to find amongst here/google.

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