What each element is good at. (imo)

Fire - Heroes with the fire element are usually quite weak with a few exceptions like the furnace or astrid. However it does make up for their high damage output, the most notable examples being Koros, ember (heals and provides higher atk) and Mangle Jaw. Even the buff ones like astrid and furnace can deal surprisingly high damage if runed properly. That being said I do not recommend making a full team of fire heroes (or a team full of only one element) as they will die very easily, not to mention that fire heroes usually have bad synergy. Fire heroes deal extra damage against nature enemies but are weaker against water enemies.

So to break it down:
-High damage
-Almost no synergies for most fire heroes

Water - Heroes with the water element are well known for their high defence and health and their overall their ability to keep their teammates alive as long as possible. Some water heroes could be used in different ways (probably because they are better that way) such as Grog gnog whom is quite strong and deals a decent amount of damage, IGOROK being a bad tank but a decent attacker and selwyn being a useless caster. Other water heroes deal almost no damage. Water heroes are stronger against fire heroes but weaker against nature heroes

Put it simply:
-Superior defence and health
-Decent team support
-crappy damage output
-Good synergies

Nature - Heroes with the nature element would also have high health and low attack (except phemus, viperia, jabber and maybe King bramble) but have far better team support such as healing and providing buffs. Not to mention that nature heroes have very good synergies and will greatly extend the potential survivability of a team. Some nature heroes however, have the complete opposite role which would be just attacking the opposing team (great and only example being viperia). Nature heroes suck against fire but are strong against water heroes.

Stuff to see if u r too lazy to read:
-Decent health and defence
-crappy damage output
-Great team support
-Great synergies

All of the previously mentioned elements are called "Primary elements" because they were the first elements to be added into the game. Hence the reason why they are easier to obtain than the next two elements that is going to be shown below. These elements below are called "Secondary elements" and were added to the game a while after the initial release of the game. Dark enemies to higher damage against light enemies

Dark - I actually have no idea what they are, so confusing. One is a caster and another a tank, then one is a warrior. Don't worry my brain is scrambled to. They do have good life stealing capabilities and are usually better than the first three elements.

Some important stuff:
-very annoying

Light - Light heroes are a mix of the nature and water elements, except with the ability to be easy to use. They have good team support and are very well known for their ability to reduce as much as possible, which is sometimes a b*tch (invincible flying toasters, bauble). They can heal and revive fallen allies in battle, notable ones being Emily and Leonidus. Light enemies do higher damage against dark enemies.

Points to remember if u want to:
-Reduce damage from opposing attacks.
-very annoying

Fun fact:
Masuta Kira spelt backwards is "D*ckSlap"

Mock exams finished...Im back!


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    Mock exams finished...Im back!
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    Runes tend to reflect what each element is good at.

    Fire runes are almost entirely offensive, with few options to add bulk to your heroes.

    Nature runes have a healthy mix of both offense and defense.

    Water runes tend to be more defensive than offensive with almost no way to add damage.

    Light runes are more tactics based, with both defensive runes and runes that increase crit or dodge chance.

    Dark runes are perhaps the most balanced, offering Battle, Power, Bulwark and Life runes.

    This more or less describes the heroes of each element and their base stats and abilities. Of course, as you said, there are some exceptions. Like how Shade normally goes full offense, Astrid is a tank, NubNub usually goes full Crit and Health, Valkin has lots of damage, and how MK goes full offense.
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    This was actually pretty good and detailed, keep it up lol!
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