[Guild] Enlist in LEVEL CAPPED Today! - Do you want to know more?

[Deep inside a Beast study laboratory]

Newsreel Announcer: Every day, Federal Scientists are looking for new ways to kill beasts. DR. “CK” JENKINS leads a team of highly trained researchers in the fight to save our Planet.

Dr. “CK” Jenkins: Your basic Beast Warrior, like this Pignius Maximus, isn't too smart. You can blow off a limb ...

[Shoots the beast warrior's limb off.]

CK: ... and it's still 86 percent combat effective. You might even think you’ve killed it, but if it’s been “feathered” by a nearby Solaris, it’s only temporarily dead. If you’re not careful, it will resurrect and take you and your PVP team out. Here's a tip: First, Spirit Link it with your Pulse Cannon to remove any feathers, then aim for the nerve stem, and put it down for good.

[Demonstrates ...]

Newsreel Announcer: Service guarantees citizenship.

CK: Become a citizen like me and Join LEVEL CAPPED. We’re taking the fight to the Beasts and won’t stop until we’ve won! LC is made up of highly motivated men and women (including FTP soldiers) that strive to be the best and WIN !

[Striking a comforting pose and smiling at the camera ...]

You may have been unsure about Enlisting, or even heard crazy rumors from others about what it takes to join LEVEL CAPPED and/or remain a member in good standing ... let me assure you, it’s far less rigorous than you may have thought:

Level Capped Member Weekly Targets
- 240 Crowns per week (7 x 35).
- 84 Tower of Pwnage Floors (7 x 12).
- PvP Rank: Warlord I (17,945 Trophies).
- Check LINE DAILY for Announcements & PM’s.
- And ... NO MINIMUM play time or spending requirements.

CK: Lifetime winners in 9 of 10 competitive Dungeon Boss Events (not including Guild Boss Invasions), we’re always evaluating applicants and looking for outstanding new recruits! Applying is convenient and easy, just contact your nearest LEVEL CAPPED recruitment officer through LINE (NinjaNurse, LINE ID: NinjaNurse00), or (Kezii, LINE ID: Keziidb) and ENLIST TODAY!

Newsreel Announcer: Do you want to know more?



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