Courage - just venting...can't complete Boss Invasion

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So all I have left in the Boss Invasion is the last stage of earning guild points, but I don't have enough courage left to run the event dungeons and it seems like the only way to get more courage is 1000 gems (or $7.99) for 50 more courage.

I'm discouraged - there ought to be enough courage available to complete the event without needing to pay so much.

If I'm missing something obvious, please forgive. I fought hard to set aside some Real Life time for this event (missed the last one) and am just surprised to be stopped so close to "the end",

(I spent down my gems runeing up my heroes for this event and right now 1000 gems is a lot until I can replenish...)


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    The last Invasion was the same way if I remember it. You really do sorta have to pay for Courage if you want to complete everything. Or just have a lot of guild members who are buying courage. It’s supposed to get guilds to sort of team up for the greater good, while also getting a bit of money out of them, probably. At least it’s not straight up saying you have to pay... just that someone has to.
  • You get 50 Courage everyday, which is enough for a whole boost.
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