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  • So we'll get to preview the runes before each level, correct? @Joel

  • Agree that if we're using runes, could we have info on the runes too? Can be useful to know if the team you're facing is scaled more toward attack or defence or have some unique traits like that guardian rune buff.

    Maybe expand each hero's info dialog box to include the 5 runes and when you press on each rune, it provides basic info like that in the pvp dialog box.
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    One word @Joel.
    IGN: MatadorGKilla
    Level 60 (might forget to update)
    Scrub in: Guildless right now lol.
    My internet is back, I don't think anyone cares anyways.
  • I don't recall anyone asking for this...
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • So unlike actual PvP, we can't skip or choose E/M/H, we won't always have abilities available, and we can't see what runes we're facing. Please rethink this decision.
  • @Joel - could you answer whether PVP only traits for runes and characters are in play on both sides in the tower now? Be as flippant as you like, but an answer would be nice.
  • The last time this was tried the tower became significantly more challenging and took longer...I think that's why we reverted back to the "old way"?

    300 gems isn't what it used to be, and the 300 (275) is only awarded if you make it through the entire tower. I'd like to see rewards at each floor (or every few floors)?
  • The PvP meta is completely messed up now with Solaris, using that as a model for the tower explains why it's such a mess too.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
  • @Joel I was wondering if lower level teams in tower now also get the added boost, like in PVP?
    My lvl 70, 6*, well-runed, fully epic Bovus got almost one-shot killed by a level 61, 4*, not even fully ascended Shadowblade. Even with powerful runes on him, this should not be possible..... unless he gets that boost.

    I don't mind the added runes, but this would be just too much. Then the tower would basically be just another version of PVP.

    Nowadays, the entire game seems to revolve only around PVP, about building up a team that survives in PVP. Please, consider also players like me who don't enjoy the dreadul monotony of PVP, the boringness of playing tons and tons of similar PVP scenarios in a day. Consider people like me who love playing DB for all the other aspects it has to offer, the campaign dungeons, the tower, the islands..... Make it more fun for us, not less!
  • DM666 wrote: »
    My opinion, though it probably does not matter:

    I’m a ‘middling’ level 70 player. Finally getting most of my heroes up to 6*, some decent runes (but not many), a few epics, finally able to contribute half decently to guild games, and still need those rarer heroes. I’ve worked hard on a couple teams and a handful of runes to FINALLY make the tower much easier for me. It not a cakewalk, but easier. I hated how it used to take me SO long to finish, and now I feel like I’ve ‘achieved’ the right to be able to do it quicker and easier, and earn those much needed gems.

    I am very disappointed, as I go in with my ‘tower’ team this morning to have two of the four heroes annialated on the first floor. FIRST FLOOR. By a team 10 levels lower. There is no way I’ll get the tower completed today now. And frankly I don’t even want to. If there are still top level players (who probably don’t actually NEED the gems from the tower anyways) who are wanting the tower to be harder, I think a better option would be the suggestion of a ‘boss mode’ version of the tower. Let us weak peasants continue to have our ‘easy’ tower so hopefully we can improve our heroes and start actually crafting some decent runes (which I discovered the last time I tried to create one - it costs a TON of gems to complete to the end).

    Also, to second another point.... have people been asking for this again? Granted I don’t frequent the boards much, but it seems like the LAST time this happened there was an uproar and it was changed back. Can’t imagine it going differently this time....

    What you are suggesting is what we have asked for, several times. Two different towers: a difficult tower with more rewards for "end game" players, and a regular tower (like the recent, before-this-change tower) for other players, like yourself and lower-level players. They have heard this request, but didn't go in that direction.
  • Joel wrote: »

    Seriously? So now the tower is just 11 PvP fights back to back? But not level-based, so today's tower for me has 3 level 68 teams, on 65, and the rest are 60 or below.

    If the tower is now just PvP in a different guise, may we see the defense team and their runes when we're selecting our team, please.
  • They won't change it. Just add it to the list of cash grabs. There's not even any "strategy" since you're either runed enough to just power your way through it or you bring a perfect counter to the team you're facing and get smashed by a runed to the teeth hero 8 levels below you that you couldn't have known was that powerful.

    I do love how they always seem to make these changes coincide with quest lines too, for all of their issues they are always good for an extra kick of the sand to the players' faces.
  • Watched my lvl 70 4* Aria get one shot by a lvl 61 Ella on the first floor. Whuaaatttt??

  • Maybe this should have been announced in the game ? With an event banner to go along with the missing banner for Zomm’s epic ?
    If the tower is harder, then can the rewards be increased a bit ? Include materials maybe ? Pyres would be nice.
  • Mats in the tower would be nice... I'm sure we're all sick to death of Yorick too.
    The Potato Army
  • Did joel just respond on a Saturday?
  • Its so nostalgic. Without the 40% hp buff it feels like the fastest meta ever to exist. Everithing hits like a truck and dies super fast. Just like good old pvp tines. :'( Please hurry with the combat update...
  • @Joel my real question is does ole Chromus have runes now too or is he still the most pointless thing in all of DB...
  • Overall, I think this is a reasonable change, though I'm glad I got in my Perfectionist achievement last week :-)

    Let me add my vote for including rune rewards, or at least greater or superior rune shards and binders. The evo larva and sprites are mostly useless.
  • Barleyman wrote: »
    Joel wrote: »

    Seriously? So now the tower is just 11 PvP fights back to back? But not level-based, so today's tower for me has 3 level 68 teams, on 65, and the rest are 60 or below.

    If the tower is now just PvP in a different guise, may we see the defense team and their runes when we're selecting our team, please.

    Okay but really it’s NOT 11 PVP back to back.... to state the obvious (and I know we all know this....), at least in regular PVP we get refreshed heroes with full life and reset abilities. Also revived heroes. And refreshes to find suitable opponents. This is basically a souped up version of PVP that starts way too hard and gets harder and harder as you go because you end up having weaker and weaker heroes in your roster.
  • I like it when people suggest more challenge for better rewards, it shows such hope and naïveté. Tower rewards are the black sheep to the DB economists who wish they had never been so generous to begin with. We will never see an increase to daily f2p gem accumulation, only inflation to make our gems worth less. They won't reduce the tower rewards, in fear of riots and mass exodus, but they will reduce our buying power. It's for this same reason they were happy to revert the weekly crown rewards back to heroic summons from gems.
  • Ive felt that the tower could be a test ground for pvp combat revamp. So adding runes helps in that. But it’s pretty unfair that it’s changed so drastically without seeking player feedback.

    I also like the idea of having two towers where both could have different reward structures.
  • just when I was able to best the tower with one team no baits, this happens...

    well, lets pull my fast attack team from the bottom of the pile and suit them up again
    The Great Monk- Key shall protect my dungeon from attacks

  • also, a 4000 defense zomm might be able to solo tower with 3 crap heroes that will endlessly revive as zomminions
    The Great Monk- Key shall protect my dungeon from attacks

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    They OVER-BOOSTED the weaker teams!!! I just had a whole level-70 team one-shotted by a level 57 Ponti! WTF??? And I have no way to what, if any, runes they have. The Tower is ruined!! Game is officially more frustrating than fun now!!!!!

    Just went back in with a different team and they folded in less than a round. Combat is screwed. My contempt level is rising day-by-day.
  • I gotta think you're doing something wrong. It really isn't that hard.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I honestly find this thread depressing. 275 gems a day is a lot for free. All of you saying that if they up the difficulty, they have to up the rewards... You're missing the point. The rewards were previously way too good for the challenge given to us. This is essentially what the Tower should've been like from the beginning. I guarantee you if this was how it was at the start, nobody would be complaining. It's simply because it was too easy, and now they've made it fair, that everyone's upset. To make a 5* Legendary Superior Rune, you'll need about 1,000 gems and a bit of luck - Maybe more like 1,500 gems if you don't have that luck. That's only a week's worth (less, really) of saving up. Quite frankly, you shouldn't be able to fully rune-up a hero with Legendary Superiors in under a week without paying. But that's what you're all asking for.

    I know I sound like a jerk, but you have to see my point of view. The devs need to make money (we all know this too well). If they offered anything more from the Tower than they do now, nobody would buy gems! Doing the tower every day is like having a daily gem deal... except it's totally free, and gives 6 times the amount of gems a day than that (now deceased) $3 deal - and it lasts for as many days as you can put 15 minutes on the game! Really, I'm amazed they're giving out 275 free gems per day at all. It's allowed me to fill up an entire roster of Greater-Superior runed heroes in under a year. With just a little patience, you can essentially get whatever you want in this game for free.

    I should honestly be careful talking, next think you know they're going to slash the gem rewards from the tower while making it even harder.
  • The thing is that difficulty changes as you improve your roster.

    It was hard when I was low leveled and didn't have good runes. So at that stage, the rewards matched the difficulty I faced. However, now that I am level 70 and have better runes, I find the tower easier. But does that mean that the rewards should be scaled down just because it is "too good for the challenge" to me now? I don't think so. On the other hand, it has become more unfair for those who do not have a well-runed roster.

    On the other hand, if this is supposed to be the new benchmark, then ok. But, I'd rather they added a new tower option rather than revamping the entire tower.

    Also, the max gem cost for a SL rune is about 2283.

    I suppose lots of venting is going on because changes are made based on assumptions from the top rather than from feedback from the ground, and the combination of recent changes and events appear to be targeted at resource-sapping and money-grabbing.
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