deceptively difficult: the farm lands

Now i still beat it after a few days of hard leveling for it, but the farm lands, especially in challenge mode, is incredibly difficult

mostly i speak of the unintentional power of chi the light spirit, the boss of this level, is very strong

like hirohito senshu, this boss was an unexpected surge of difficulty in the campaign, with piercing yelp becoming a bigger and bigger issue as time goes on in the battle, and often chi can instakill my heroes with triple slam
*hirohito senshu PTSD flashbacks*

but seriously, purge is incredibly annoying when trying to use nubnub and cancels quite a bit of possible healing
piercing yelp makes the damage against my team incredibly high even for a boss(abs of steel was barely able to hold against the slam)


  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    Wait until there is an Evo Manarch for a hero lol. A healing/purging tank with extremely high base dodge. There IS an evo in the title background and Hopper was too who was released way after the game's release.
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